Advent Of Technology In The Construction Sector

Posted by: | Posted on: June 28, 2018
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Many construction companies in London agree that the use of technology in the field of construction is a thing of very near future. Mobile phones are probably most widely accepted piece of technology being used. With the availability of easy to use apps, workers are able to read, study and share important work related documents. Several times these apps and services have proved themselves to be highly efficient while working on large scale constructions.

By the help of Laser Scanning

In London, measurements are done on the field by laser scanners. They provide the engineers with Point clouds (a set of points in a coordinate system, usually large). These printers are super accurate and show the condition of the place where the facility is to be built.

Widening the range of exploration

Drones, officially known as Unarmed Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are helpful in exploring such parts of the facility that is humanly impossible. The captured images might help the engineer team to analyze the situation and work accordingly. Some companies even take it as far as using the drone captured pictures and converting them into 3D designs and using them for their architectural plans.

The use of Building Modeling

Another way by which the widely accepted technologies are being implemented is the Building Information Modeling (BIM). They make out models and structures of buildings and provide them to the site where the construction is being held. BIM provides high work efficiency by providing with real time information.

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