Kitchen Worktops – Why is Granite the Durable Option For Creating Beautiful Kitchens

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Granite is a light shade igneous rock. It is formed by gradual crystallization of magma. It consists of quartz, mica and feldspar and is found beneath the earth surface.

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Uses of granite in the ancient time

Granite has been in use for years now. During the olden times, beautiful monuments such as pyramids, tombs, churches, temples etc. were built using granite and marble, which have passed the test of time and is still strong, attractive, delightful, exquisite and fine-looking.

Uses of granite in modern times

Due to modernization, granite is now used for home decors as well. It is known for its durability, toughness, yet it also looks beautiful and attractive. Granite is used in bathrooms, kitchen worktops, office desktops and conference worktops, etc.

Granite is better than any other worktops for kitchen

When family and friends visits your home, the first thing that they notice is the kitchen. Nothing can enhance the beauty of your kitchen other than a granite worktop. There are many companies that offer granite worktops in different shades, grades, quality, sizes, etc.

Positive Benefits of granite

  • Granites are evergreen, and  they will look striking and lovely even after many years
  • There will be no stains or marks left on granite even if you spill anything hot on it. It can withstand as much heat as possible, because it is made up of various minerals which adds complexity.
  • The colour of granite does not fade even after an inordinate length of days and years
  • If you chop vegetables or fruits directly on granite, then there will not be any blotch on it

Comparison with other worktops

  •  A Marble worktops shade weakens after many years. Stains, blots are clearly visible on marble.
  • A Plastic laminate worktop can get damaged by heat and sharp objects. If water enters the tops it will bulge out and look tattered. There is no option of alteration, if damaged, the only option is replacing, which will also add to your expense.
  • A stainless steel worktop is expensive as well as shows dent, scratches, finger prints and water spot easily. It will also lead to lot of noise due to clashing of utensils.
  • A Wooden worktop will break after an age. As compared to marble, plastic and stainless steel, wooden worktops will also be damaged by high temperature and piercing objects.

Duplicate granite which looks similar to granite

Duplicate granite is readily available in the market, which looks exactly identical to the original ones. However, these will lose its durability after few years. The texture of the granite will not be strong enough as well as it will start chipping off. Burning blemishes and knife marks will be clearly visible.

It is always advisable to consult an expert when it comes to renovating worktop for your kitchen, to avoid any confusion and expense later on. Check about the quality of granite, and the colour to complement your interiors and furniture.


Even though granite is expensive, but it works and shines for a lifetime. Thus, it is recommended that you buy the product from one of the leading providers of kitchen granite worktops.

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