Cleaning And Maintenance Of Natural Stones Used For Home Décor

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Investing in natural stones for decoration of your home is a reliable investing option as it will benefit you with its great durability throughout the years to come. The durability can be enhanced if you determine the certain measures of cleaning and maintenance of these stones. Whether you have great marble floorings or quartz countertops, the cleaning and maintenance is essential and should be done periodically to maintain the charm.

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What precautions and care steps you should take?

 Assessment of current situation of your stones: The primary use of natural stones like Granite, quartz, marble, limestone etc. is either for countertops or for flooring. In both cases, there are certain measures and assurance you have to look for. Getting an assessment of the current situation of your natural stone is the first step where you have to get a routine checkup of your floors and countertops. This routine checkup covers all essential questions and concerns about the situation of stones. Check whether the tiles are flat on surface and even to one another. The uneven tiles are needed to be straightened, honed and polished. Examine the finishing of stone and check if any of the tiles are cracked or not? Cracked tiles should not be there for a long time as they accumulate dirt and mud in-between the gaps which should be filled. Look for the stains, marks and any other stubborn dirt. You should also be aware of the types of stains for which there are different set of solutions. Another study in the examination of stones should be about the wax coated on tiles. Also, check whether the topical sealer is worn off or not.

Measures you should take: Some precautions are essential to take care in order to take care of the natural stones in your home. In case of countertops, if you are using calcareous and siliceous stones, you should get coaster for your all glasses. Make sure you use coaster for glasses, especially for alcohols or fruits juices containing citrus elements which can be reactive for your stones. Use mats, utensil stands or trivets for putting hot dishes instead of directly placing them on your countertop. Some of the food and drinks containing acid should be not be placed on calcareous stones as they can discolor the stone slowly or make its appearance dull. You can also take care of your stone floors by instant mopping, removing stagnant water and drying it.

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