Repair, Seal, Resurface Or Replace? The Right Option For You

Posted by: | Posted on: April 14, 2017
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Investing in a driveway is a hard decision to make for some, as the installation process can get costly depending on the features you’ve chosen for the driveway. This means you want to protect your investment and prolong its life as long as possible. When it’s the right time to resurface and when do you need to redo your entire driveway? Read on to find out!

Patching the cracks on the way

Many customers of driveways in Camberley building company rely on patching the cracks, which is inexpensive on the short run and solves the problem – still on the short run. This comes with problems and, in time, can lead to severe damage for your driveway, so the procedure is only advised for small cracks, about quarter-inch in size. Whatever is bigger than that calls for a proper repair session with professional technicians.

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Resurfacing the driveway might be the best thing

Patching is a temporary solution to the problem, as the cracks are going to open again, due to the extension – contraction cycle. To get rid of these cracks completely for some time you can ask professional contractors from driveways Camberley company to resurface your driveway. The procedure is going to keep the foundation and replace the top layer of the driveway, along with the cracks. With a small investment you will have a brand new-looking driveway, that is guaranteed to last for couple of more years.

Last resort: redo the driveway

If the cracks are deep and the foundation is more than 20 years old or was improperly built from the first place, you might need to consider replacing the entire driveway. This is also a great option if your driveway looks old and you want to sell the property.

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